Hi there,

I’m Ben and this Substack is about sharing indie-marketing how-to guides from podcasts, interviews, trial and error.

Previously, most of my ‘marketing study’ was done in private by asking other marketers, founders and channel experts and trying things out on my own.

But I decided to share those discussions and notes publicly via this Substack.

So here you’ll find:

  • Marketing Q&A podcast episodes.

  • Video discussions.

  • Written interviews and break downs.

  • Case studies and analyzes.

  • My own updates, learnings, trails and failures.


My hope is that I can share with you the insights from a whole range of people who grow and build, rather than just myself.

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Otherwise, here’s a quick break down what’s been covered to date.

Marketing Strategy


User Activation

Brand Marketing

Social Media


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Benjamin Boman

I'm a freelance marketer, host of The Benjamin Boman Podcast, cofounder of the Bangkok SEO Community, and full-time head of marketing.